Film & Photography

Theo Blossom – Filmmaker showreel

‘Life in Colour’ Exposure Science Film Hackathon
2019 Judges Award Winning Film, Basil, Switzerland

Film blurb:
Cancer treatments are evolving. From chemotherapy, which also kills healthy growing cells, to more and more precise medicines, each step in treatment evolution reduces the side effects impacting patients and their families lives.

‘@HUMANITY’ Eco-Comedy Video Competition
2018 Grand Prize Winner

Theo and Robbie I'Anson Price were extremely proud to be announced as the Grand Prize winners of the 2018 Eco-Comedy Video Competition sponsored by The Nature Conservancy in Maryland/DC and the Center for Environmental Filmmaking.

Films submitted explore serious environmental issues through the lens of laughter. Filmmakers were asked to produce a short, humorous video that communicates a clear message relating to conservation and environmental protection.