Theo is a passionate conservationist, creative science communicator, and an award winning filmmaker and photographer.

Theo is fascinated by how people connect to nature and why they value it. He is equally interested in how science is communicated and made accessible to different audiences.

At the heart of Theo’s work, lies the power of story telling. Stories are a currency which have evolved across all human cultures in order to share information and inspire each other.

Theo revels in using creative mediums to develop and share narratives derived from scientific research. Depending upon each individual project’s objectives, these stories aim to either share knowledge, inspire, or call people to action.

His adventurous spirit has taken him all over the world to collaborate on numerous conservation and science communication initiatives and he has experience working with some of the world's most prestigious conservation and science institutions.

He can be found leading expeditions to the woods, engaging audiences on the stage or in a classroom, and both in front or behind the lens of a camera.

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